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Related post: Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 18:27:47 EST From: Subject: quickie at church illegal little boys part 2So this is my disclaimer. if you nude little tgp under age.. blah blah.. for your state.. or country blah blah then what the crap are you doing nice little girls here? go away!!!feed back welcome at flames will be ignored, or dealt with. but then if you are flaming me.. illinois little lotto why are you here in teh first place? oh, and also, if you wanna see any certain boys doing any certain thing, little boy cum let me know.. Cute little kitties and also, this story will have boy boy sex.quickie at church part 2. quickie in the forest. Trevor looked for the blonde angel that he'd boned earlier as church got out, but to no avail. He ran his hands through his hair, feeling rather anxious. Yes, the sex had been good, but Kevin was the first boy to little boyz nude pay attention to the new kid. Trevor wondered how Kevin knew he was into boys. True he'd been staring the boy during the meeting for a while, but still. Maybe he was just little naked little boy pee good at picking it up. On the way home, His mother picked up on his anxiety. "Honey. why so quiet?" She asked. oh. little miracles maybe little girl pussies she would illegal little cuties know. "There was this boy that said hi, he wanted to stop by later. his name was kevin. but I don't know anything else about him." He said, feeling a little down. "hmm. the little transgender boys Preacher has a son named Kevin." His mother mused. Trevor tried not to gag. what? was he just ponying the preachers son? Kevin was a normal boy name. it oculd be possible that he was a someone else. "do you know what he little kid nude looks like?" Trevor asked, hoping that he didn't just fuck the preachers son. little lesbos "the kid I talked to was 12-13, and illegal little lolta he was blonde." "I don't know. I'm sorry nude littles girl honey." His mother apologized. joung little pussy The rest of trip was spent brooding as Trevor was horny and wishing he had a friend. But his hope rose as he walked into his kitchen. Because here on the answering machine was a blinking light, indicating that there was a message. "Will you get that dear? I hailey little topless want little girl pictures to change." His mother asked, walking into her nude little boy bedroom. little small teens Trevor picked up the phone, and waited. a young boys voice little lollitas sex came on. little angels "Hello? hello? is this thing on? I hope so. Hey Trevor. sorry we missed you after church. my dad was in a rush to get home. So um, call me when you get this. my number is 544-4392. oh yeah. this is Kevin." He said as a last minute thing. as if Trevor could forget the sexy blonde haired boy. or as if he'd banged little pussys someone else at church. "Who was it dear?" His mother called from angel little teen the bedroom. "oh little big planet it was that kid Kevin I met at church. can we go do something?" Trevor asked. "sure. call little dutch nudes him back." Trevor's chest leaped for joy as hard as his boner did. Trevor quickly called his new friend Kevin. "Hello?" a deep voice answered. "Yes. Um.. this is Trevor. I'm new at church, and I was calling for Kevin." He said, feeling stupid. "Oh yes. Kevin has little ******** talked a lot about you. To tell you the truth he was kind of down after his friend Jim moved away with his grandpa." Friend Jim? hmm. That Gloryholestation little blondie might explain things. "thanks for cheering him up. let me go get little panties sex him." little pornstars The voice said. Trevor waited with excitement as he heard some talking in the background. "Yeah?" a boyish voice answered, sounding rather heavy. "KEvin?" Trevor asked. "Hey Trevor." Kevin replied. "I called you, cuz you said you lived at the old hansen place, and my dad knew the phone number there for your mom." He explained, sounding anxious. "Yeah. cool. I felt bad I missed you after church." Trevor said banned little tgp truthfully. "so you wanna do something?" Trevor replied. "Like what?" Kevin asked. little april movies Trevor wondered if he was playing with him, or if he really had pretty little nudes no idea. "Um..I really liked little hard cocks what we did today.." little brother cock Trevor said, dropping his voice. "oh that. I like that too. A lot." Kevin said excitedly. "you wanna do that?" He asked, and Trevor's cock flexed in his pants. "Well yeah. but I we won't get any privacy here. what about there?" Trevor asked hopefully. top little teens his mother had a tendency to show up at the wrong time, and never seemed to get timy little porno that walking in a person's room with out knocking was a bad thing. "no. little preeteen boy Let's go exploring. little lindsey clothes I wanna show you the wooded area behind my house." That would be good. little teen cunt Trevor thought. but first he needed to get some vasoline. "Um. teenz little you want me to bring some.. you know?" Trevor asked. "nah. I got it." the boy said confidently. That was good. Trevor's cock throbbed again as they spoke. "Ok. so since I don't konw whree you live, can you come here?" Trevor asked. "Sure. can I come now?" Trevor held back a laugh. can he come now? he'd be cumming a lot once Trevor was done with him. "yeah. I'll be getting changed. cya." Trevor said. "ok. cya." click free porn little went the phone. tRevor rushed to his room which little angels henati he was still putting together, and began digging as he almost ripped off his church shirt and slacks. What to wear? what to wear? and should he go boxers? or free little children naked ball little girls porn it? crap. The first dark little teens pair of shorts he found were basketball shorts. Perfect. he dropped his slacks, and underwear, and pulled them on. Nice. that felt really good. then tgp little video he kept little black pussy digging and found a nice sleaveless t shirt. now he just needed... sandals. those would be good. Trevor kept digging little porno girls and found his sandals. now he could go. "Hey mom, I called that Trevor kid, and he's coming over, little nude as then he's going to take me to go see the woods." He yelled to his mother. "Ok dear. alittleagency torrent let me know when you leave." She replied. Trevor walked to the living room to wait, and began to pace. He'd been barely pacing little nude ukrainian when the door bell rang. Trevor went to answer it and found Kevin. it was amazing how different a person could look from dress clothes to hang out clothes. that, little agency nadia and the fact that he was boning the kid little sex tgp with no pants and a dress shirt on. But now Kevin had no shirt on, (it nude little grils was a rather little boys gallery warm day) and he had on cargo shorts. Trevor could guess what the bulge in Kevin's pocket was. "Hi!" Kevin said with a boyish giggle. "you ready?" he asked. Trevor was little lollita girl trying little youn teens not to jump the boy right there. he was gorgeous. "Yeah. lets go. illegal little russian oh wait." Trevor turned to yell up the hall at his mom. "MOM!! Im sweet little cunny going with kevin now!!" he yelled. "fine honey. Be back in a couple of hours!!" she replied.*************** Kevin lead Trevor down the street, around the corner, then down that street, then through his yard, chatting all the way. so is this your house?" Trevor asked the young boy as they trotted. "no. we just cutting through. the old lady here doesn't mind. Grandma Roeche." he said. "ro shay?" Trevor replied. "yes. she's really nice. we take very little incest turns doing her yard work and stuff. she tipps really well." Kevin giggled little saigon ca as they hit the woods that lined the neighborhood. Kevin little sex angels kept up his dialog, explaining the things to do, people to avoid, people to get nonude little children to know, and the general stuff teens knew in the town. finally they came to a little clearing in some trees. there was a breeze here, easier to feel because of the shade, and Trevor could see why KEvin liked it. "I like this. so you wanna?" Trevor asked, cutting to the chase. he liked kevin as a friend, but naturist little boys he liked the sex too. little angle loita this area naked little teens seemed perfect for sex. "Sure. you're really good at little nymph tgp fucking. do me doggy style." he said, pulling a drunk little girls familiar looking little girl spank tube of ky out of his pocket. Trevor quickly dropped his shorts, freeing his now eager cock as the blonde youth began dirty little sercret to lather him up. "yeah. you little tittie child konw how to work that don't you?" Trevor moaned, watching the yuong thing in front of him work. "Yes." Kevin giggled. little boys sex "ok. your done." he quickly little russan girls dropped his cargo shorts to reveal he wasn't wearing underwear either. And before Trevor could ask the boy how he wanted to fuck, Kevin was on his knees and arms, presenting. Trevor shrugged, then got down behind the boy, and pushed his cock inside. Trevor little nude was again surprised by how little teen nudist loose Kevin was. Soon he was burying hilt deep, his pubic hairs tickling the back of Kevin's butt. "OH that feels little tits ukraine so good." Kevin moaned. "Wrap your arms under my chest." he directed as Trevor began rockign against the boy. He complied, running his hands along the young boys smooth chest and stomach, pulling themselves into each other. Trevor was amazed little teen masterbation at how hot it was to be completely spooning the boy he was fucking. "so good. your so deep inside." Kevin moaned, as Trevor pushed. Trevor pulled the boy backwards, so he dadies little girl was angled upward more as he kept fucking. TRevor felt waves of new pleasure wash over him with the way the new position was massaging his 15 yr old cock. Trevor could also tell that Kevin liked it to by the way he was cooing and moaning and swearing. Soon Kevin was climaxing, his inner muscles gripping Trevor's cock like a fist, and trevor exploded as well, filling the boy with several jets of seed. They collapsed in the grass, Trevor spooned behind the younger boy. "you are so awesome." Kevin giggled, sounding out of breath. Trevor didn't know it was possible to sound tired while giggling, but Kevin managed to pull it off. "now what?" Trevor asked. altough the closeness to his friend, was starting to stimulate him again. KEvin could feel it as well, and began to grind back on Trevors now hardening cock. "you wanna do it again?" bondage little Kevin asked. in reply, Trevor slipped his hand down and pulled Kevins' leg up, nude little angles pointing his foot at the sky. Trevor little rape porn placed his cock little cuties thumbs at Kevin's love chute and proceeded to push in. there was less resistance this time as they had the extra cum for lube. little melissa rapidshare Kevin little horny sluts cooed with pleasure as he little angels tgp felt Trevor inside his tight butt. Trevor was hot with pleasure as the sweat from petite little hardbody there little kid songs sex slicked their hairless bodies as they writhed against each other. "You feel so good." Trevor whispered into the boys ear, then began nibbling at it as he thrust. Each thrust little euro nude caused Kevin to coo and moan as pleasure fuck little girl drove through his young body. Trevor little cp lollita continued this way for several minutes, enjoying the boy's closeness japanese little porn to him. soon Kevin began to climax again as he tugged little cuties sexy on his cock, and that reaction pushed trevor over the edge as the boys tight ass milked one small spurt of cum littles sluts out of Trevor's cock. Trevor little banned pussies would have collapsed if he wasn't already lying on the ground. "That was little teens tits hot." Kevin said, snuggling back into Trevor, who was little defloration breathing hard. "Yeah." Trevor agreed. This looked like it was going to be an awesome little girl tgp friendship.
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